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Our Winning Bridge Design!

On the 14th of November 2018 Katie Holmes, Dominick Dunne, Owen McTigue and Patrick Holmes went to The Westport Woods Hotel for the Science Week Design a Bridge competition.

For the competition we were given forty minutes to build a bridge of more than 40 c.m. long out of twenty five drinking straws and three foot of masking tape. There were lots of other teams competing.

When the time was up the judges tested each bridge. To do this they balanced each bridge between two tables and hung a hook from the bridge with a bag attached. Slowly they poured rice into the bag until the bridge could no longer hold the bag. Our bridge held

275 grammes.

Our bridge didn’t hold the most rice but we were delighted when we won an innovation prize for best design. We each received a hoodie and a scarf. We were very proud of our design.

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