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When we move about, we need to keep our balance. 

This means we keep steady. We control our bodies so that we are not shaking or falling.   We are confident and calm.

When we walk, we keep steady, with our head up, looking to see where we are going. 

When we run, we keep steady too, and look to see where we are going. 

When we jump, we need to keep our balance too. 


There is weight in our bodies. 

So if we tip over sideways, our weight can pull us down. We fall. 

But if we feel our weight pulling us down, we can tip over in the other direction.

So that's how we steady ourselves.

We keep our balance. 

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself!

You can run. It's great fun. 

Try this: 

Go outside. Find a big space. 

Put something down on the ground to act as a marker. (A bag, a jumper...)

Walk 30 steps away. Put down another marker. 


Now run from one marker to the other, as fast as you can.  

Run back to the first marker. 

Challenge: How many times can you run back and forth between the markers in one minute?  2 minutes? 

Ask a member of your family to time you as you run. 

Have fun!


Skipping/Ag léim téide

Skipping is good exercise and good fun. 

Check the size of your rope by holding the handles with your armpits.  Let the rope fall and step on it. It should be just long enough for you to do that. 

Skipping a lot on hard surfaces like concrete can make your knees and ankles sore. You could put a mat down and skip on that. 

It's good to challenge yourself, and skip a lot of times. But it's good too to take a break after, say 30 skips, and let your knees and ankles rest. Then carry on for another 30 skips. 

Skipping means you have to bring different parts of your body to work together. It's good to  steady yourself, be calm, and move smoothly when you're bringing the rope around and jumping over it. 

Your hands don't need to move around a lot. Just get the rope to swing over your head. 


You don't need to jump very high. Just high enough to get over the rope.


Try swinging the rope backwards, and jumping over it. Again, you don't need to jump high. 

Start slowly: if you can do 5 skips without tripping, that's very good. 

Have a look at the clouds while you're outside. Do you see any interesting shapes?

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