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Davitt College Science Exhibition

On the 23rd January 2018 sixth class went to the Davitt College Science Exhibition. It was very interesting. It was held by the teachers in the school and some of the students helped to put on the exhibition.

First we went to the science classroom and they told us what we would be doing for the rest of the day. Next we went to the computer room and we did some computer programming. They taught us how to use scratch which is a learner programming app. After that we went to the sports hall for some fitness training, it was easy. We did some drills like push ups, sit ups, skipping and some squats. We built a food pyramid with some food cards. On the cards there were carbohydrates, fruit, protein and vegetables.

After that we went to the library, there was loads of different experiments and projects displayed on tables. Our favourite one was the 3D printer. They could programme it to make different things like pokemon and vases. It was really interesting and we learned a lot. We also looked into microscopes and we could see the different plant cells.We really enjoyed our visit to Davitt College.

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