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Raft Design Challenge

As part of science week there was a raft design challenge which was a competition for primary schools. The challenge was to build a raft using 20 elastic bands and 50 lollipop sticks. The raft which held the most marbles would win. We practised at school for a week before we went to the competition in the Westport Woods Hotel in Westport. In school we got around 20 and 21 marbles on our raft.

We had trials in October as only 4 people could be on the team. The team was myself, Aoibheann, Eimer and Ciara L. Katie was the substitute.

During the competition we had a half an hour to make our raft. We made it in 10 minutes but then we broke it and had to make it again because it went wrong. My tooth fell out eating a sweet. I gave it to Ms. Grennan she wrapped it in tissue and put it in her bag. Then I went back and made the raft. I brought it home the tooth fairy gave me €4.

We got 19 marbles on our raft which was good. We enjoyed our day.

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