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Mini 7s

On 6th October 2017 Crimlin N.S. took part in the mini 7s Gaelic football competition in Ballyheane. We teamed up with Manulla N.S. When we arrived we jumped out of the bus and we saw lots of schools getting togged out. Then we got togged out ourselves. The girls were wearing the Manulla jerseys and the boys were wearing the Crimlin jerseys. Then we got warmed up by passing the ball around. The girls played first against Breaffy. We scored first, a great goal by Katie Holmes. But sadly Breaffy came back and it was a very exciting and tight match. In the end we lost by a few points.Next the boys played Errew. The boys put in a good effort but Errew were stronger on the day. After all that we all had a great day. We finished by cheering on Parke N.S. It was a great school day!

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