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Cross Country

On the 21st of September our whole classroom went to Ballyvary pitch for cross country. The cross country is a running competition.

We arrived at 10 am and lots of children and teachers were already there. The field was muddy and wet, it was practically bog. The weather was really nice and sunny. The third and fourth girls’ race was first. Kellie and Ciara McT ran this race. They all lined up and then ran 800m. Next the third and fourth class boys ran. Owen was the only boy in third and fourth from our school, he ran 800m too. Then came the fifth and sixth class girls. Aoibheann, Katie and I ran this race. I came 17th and Aoibheann and Katie did well too. The fifth and sixth boys were next. Dominick Noah and Lucas ran. Dominick lost his shoe and that slowed him down a lot. We had a really good day.

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