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Team Hope Shoe Box Appeal

Every year Team Hope organises a shoe box appeal for some of the world's poorest children in Africa and Eastern Europe. Our school did the Shoe Box appeal this year. We had fun putting all sorts of things into our shoe boxes. We sent 21 boxes away to Team Hope.

First we got a shoe box, then we wrapped the shoe box with wrapping paper. After that we put all sorts of things in like sweets, crayons, colouring books, copies, teddy bears, hair accessories, pencils, pens, soap, note books, stickers, sunglasses, hats, scarfs, dolls, makeup, socks, underwear, flip flops, toy cars, skipping ropes and yo-yos. Finally we put a boy or girl sticker on the box and we ticked the age group it would be suitable for. We have fun every year doing the Shoe Box Appeal.

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