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Ros Na Réaltóg Forest Preschool

We're delighted to have a very progressive preschool and also an AfterSchool club, operating out of our garden and spare classroom.  

We at Crimlin N.S. recognise the value of physical activity in the development of the child. It is crucially important for fluid coordination, which in turn helps enormously with learning. 


Many things conspire to restrict the amount of physical movement and exploration that parents can allow their children. While children do get opportunities to run and play nowadays, so much more could be done. 

At Crimlin N.S. we encourage all types of physical activity and enjoying the outdoors, as it adds to and improves academic performance. That is why we are so happy that Ros Na Réaltóg Forest Preschool are preparing the ground for us, giving children the opportunity to explore their abilities in the freedom of the outdoors. 

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Mrs Róisín Geddes, owner of Ros Na Réaltóg Forest Preschool, explains her philosophy to Tommy Marren of MidWest Radio..

Go Out by Eileen Mathias 

Go out

When the wind's about;

Let him buffet you

Inside out.

Go out

In a rainy drizzle;

Never sit by the fire

To sizzle. 

Go out

When the snowflakes play;

Toss them about

On the white highway. 

Go out

And stay till night;

When the sun is shedding 

Its golden light. 

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