Subtraction (continued)

In this example, we see that we must regroup €1.35.  (Because 8 units cannot be taken from 5 units.)

Before you do any regrouping, look at the tens column. 

You'll be taking a big number on the bottom from a smaller number on the top....

So when you regroup €1.35, say "Instead of 13 tens and 5 units, I'll group it as 12 tens and 15 units".

( 1 hundred is 10 tens.     13 tens is really 1 hundred and 3 tens. )

Draw a line straight through 13 and write 12 in the tens column. 

Write 1 beside 5. 

First, do the subtracting on the units column. 

Then on the tens column, take 6 from 12.

Lastly, on the hundreds column, 1 is no longer there. So you're taking 0 from 0. 

Keep the decimal points in a column, one directly under the other. (They're not really under each other in the picture.....sorry.)

Put the Euro sign in to show that you're working with Euros.  

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