Using sounds to help work out what the words are. 

Often a single letter will have its own sound in a word. For example b in boat. Or t. 

We can show this by putting a dot under the b and the t. 

Sometimes two letters together make a single sound. For example oa.  

You can hear the o, but not the a. 

We can show this by putting a line under the two letters oa. 

So in the word "boat", we hear only 3 sounds, even though there are 4 letters in the word. 

If you know what the word is, you don't need to sound it out - just say it. 

However, if you can't think what the word is, say the sounds - and listen to yourself saying them. 

Do the sounds remind you of a word you know? 

Sounding out the letters can jog your memory and help you say the word and then you know what it is. 

Sounding out letters is also a help if you want to spell a word. 

So it's easier to write what you want to say. 

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