Using this computer game to help learn the various sounds in the English language.   

"First Steps" is the name of the first game, which has about 7 weeks work in it.  

The sounds your child will work on are shown on Islands 1 - 8 in the photo. 

Your child will take about 7 weeks to work through all that material. 

Your child should spend about 4 minutes on the game at any one time. 

Have a book ready for your child to read when the computer game has been turned off.  Encourage him/her to look for and sound out the letters s/he has been playing with on the computer game. 

Remember to read a real book often to your child and encourage him/her to join in by putting his/her finger under the words and by noticing some of the sounds s/he has been playing with on the computer game.

Remember also that reading takes a long time to develop. Enjoy the journey.

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