Plastic is a material. It is used to make many things.


Plastic can be stiff, like the plastic in a box of Roses' sweets.


Plastic can be crumpled up, twisted and then flattened out, like the plastic in a freezer bag. 

Some plastic bags are noisy when you crumple them, like the bag inside a Cornflakes box. 

Look around you, inside your house and outside. How many different kinds of plastic can you see? 

The plastic in this extension lead is stiff, tough and coloured white. It will not break when I pull the plugs out of the sockets.

The plugs are made out of the same kind of plastic.  

This plastic is clear. It breaks easily if you try to lift it with one hand. 

The plastic in the box is strong, stiff and coloured blue.  The plastic in the washing liquid capsule (sitting on the edge of the box) is soft, clear and dissolves (breaks down) when it is put into water. 

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