Achill Lifeboat Station

Achill Island's Lifeboat Station is at Cloghmore, Achill Sound, Westport, County Mayo.

Sometimes sudden accidents can happen to ships or boats at sea. There can be a lot of damage to the vessel (the ship or boat) and people can be drowned if there is nobody there to rescue them. 

A lifeboat is a special boat that goes out to sea to rescue people who have got into difficulties.

The lifeboat at the Achill station is the Trent Class Lifeboat. It is named after the river Trent in England. Boats are often referred to as "she" when people are speaking about them. 

The Trent Class Lifeboat is powerful enough to move on rough seas, tow big boats and carry lots of people who have been rescued. She is fast and can move skilfully on the water. If she should overturn in very bad weather, she can right herself in a few seconds. She has equipment on board that can be used to treat people who are injured in accidents, for example oxygen and stretchers. 

The Trent Lifeboat carries a smaller boat, called a daughter boat. The daughter boat is inflatable, which means it can have air pumped into it, like when a bouncing  castle is being blown up. It has an engine on the outside so rescuers can go into small places around cliffs to reach people who are stuck there. The rescuers then bring the people back to the bigger Trent Class Lifeboat and they can all go home. 

Uimhir Ghutháin:

094 9025432


Crimlin N.S., Ross, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

Déan Teagmháil Linn:

R.N. 15965G

R.C.N. 20129965